Specialist Commercial Builders

A specially skilled builder is required to work on highrise commercial sites,  and the work is highly technical with very strict safety requirements and requiring a high degree of fitness and strength.

High rise building sites can be attractive too young energetic males, but a lot get put off when they realise the amount of training and coursework they must complete and the examinations that must sit if they want to be more than simply an on site labourer. High rise building sites can look like a glamorous place to work, but it is in fact a high-pressure and stressful working environment where simple mistakes can be very costly in terms of money and even in terms of work and safety. Overriding all of this work is the need for the contractor to work quickly and efficiently, because the owner of the project will be funding the project through short term finance which is extremely expensive, and they will want the building completed as soon as possible so they can start collecting rent from the new tenants.

The high rise building contractor needs to have a large number of  complementary skills, because the work can be so varied. For a typical concrete high rise building project, most of the work will be excavating the site, digging and sinking the foundation piles, and then building all the formwork and setting out the reinforcing for all the concrete pouring. Building the formwork is a highly specialist job, because the formwork has to be exceedingly strong to cope with the internal pressure once new concrete is poured into it and then vibrated to compact it. Incorrectly installed formwork has been known to explode under the massive pressure of the new wet concrete.

The builders Hamilton on the site will be working  continuously with heavy lifting machinery such as Cranes and forklifts, and they will need to be paying very close attention to their safety and the safety of others at all times. Generally most of their day is spent working around existing concrete formwork and reinforcing, and so they need to be agile and safe moving around areas that are not flat and obstacle free. While they need some of the skills that a typical home builder uses, most of the skills that they require are around the much larger scale issues associated with large-scale reinforcing and concrete pouring.

As the building  process proceeds vertically the builders find themselves working at higher and higher levels, and they need to have a good head for heights but also they need to think safely at all times. To the casual Observer a new high rise building can appear to be a very dangerous building site, but the very low level of accidents on commercial construction sites in New Zealand shows that in actual fact these sites are a lot safer than we realise.

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